The 1st result of the project will is the a state-of-the-art report focusing on the obstacles women are facing to change their employment status (either access employment, or change career paths). The consortium focused on women in rural areas, women in different socio-economical difficulties, migrant women with different cultural, political and religious background, mothers who were forced to quit the job and now wish to return to employment, divorced women in situation of economic disadvantage who face an even greater challenge to balance their professional life with their personal one.

The 2nd result is the EMPOWERED training programme for women. The innovative character of the EMPOWERED training course lies within the combination of the two elements (digital upskilling and psychological empowerment) which will be presented in a single training programme. The programme structure is modular, so that each member of the target group will have the opportunity to select the modules which correspond to their background and specific needs.

Result 2
EMPOWERED training programme for women

The 3rd result is the EMPOWERED handbook for teachers and trainers. The handbook includes valuable information on what the training programme is about, which are the learning objectives, which are the learning outcomes, as well as which is the knowledge and skills the participants are expected to have gained after having successfully completed each module. Moreover, the handbook includes information on learning techniques to motivate women on attending the programme, focusing on the added value it will have and the ways in which it can help them change their employment status.

Result 3
EMPOWERED handbook for teachers and trainers

The 4th result is the EMPOWERED community platform. he objective of the final result of the project is twofold: it will be the virtual space on which the EMPOWERED training programme will be uploaded for all target group members to access and participate, while also being the virtual community within which all interested target group members will have the possibility to exchange experiences about the programme, the added value it had on their lives and any additional topics they wish to discuss. The platform will also be the virtual space connecting women with AE trainers, career counsellors, CSOs where they can benefit even further from the project results and, building on them, formulate new needs and means to address them.

Result 4
EMPOWERED community platform