Empower is a multidimensional word including social, physical, spiritual, mental, political and psychological dimensions. Empower means personal growth in decision-making, analysing critical situations, coping with all circumstances and facing challenges.

The EMPOWERED project is designed to create a training programme for women to achieve a two-fold purpose: on one hand, it will equip women with digital skills which are necessary in the era of digital transformation and are valuable for accessing the labour market with a competitive disadvantage, and on the other it will address a spectrum of psychological obstacles women are facing when they need to claim a better position in the world of work.

The objective of the project is the empowerment of women through the development of a training course for their digital upskilling, as well as their psychological empowerment to reinforce their position in the labour market. In addition to the digital skills that will be enhanced, the partners will also develop a horizontal set of modules, aiming at helping women address the psychological factors that demoralise women for claiming a better employment

*Tangible Results:
1) A state-of-the-art report presenting the challenges that women have to face when in need of changing their employment status (either accessing employment or changing career paths).
2) The EMPOWERED training programme for women, including the adaptation of the FBA (provided by P3) and a horizontal set of modules for the psychological empowerment of the target group.
3) A handbook for AE trainers and providers, career counsellors and CSOs to ensure the sustainability of the project.
4) EMPOWERED community platform that will guest all the training modules and will work as a virtual meeting point for trainers, stakeholders, learners.

The partnershop works with different target groups:
– women in unemployed status
– women in socio-economical difficulties
– women with migrant cultural background
– young mothers want to access employment
– divorced women in situation of economic disadvantage